Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Thief and the Thunderstorm. Part Four

Part Four: The Selkie palace

It is not only humans who are threatened by storms. Other creatures are also put in peril. Seagulls are torn from the sky, porpoises thrown upside down so they breathe in water instead of air, lobsters have their legs broken and jelly fish end up even more bent out of shape. This is why Selkies exist: their job is to rescue as many creatures as possible from the waves and winds of thunderstorms. Even with their Queen dying the Selkie Guards braved hurricanes and needle sharp rains to bring as many lost creatures down into the sanctuary of the underwater palace. So it was that the thief too was rescued.

Because the Palace is magical it is perfectly normal for mammals to breathe there. The thief awoke then to find he was lying on a large blanket made of green and brown kelp. Around him tired seals swam about attending to an assortment of dazed creatures: here a befuddled starfish; there a dolphin with a black eye; in one corner was an ancient bearded sailor who – even as his broken leg was being set in splinters - was demanding the right to smoke his pipe. The seal attendants were the Selkie doctors and nurses. They were physically exhausted because there was too few of them to attend to the many storm damaged creatures. Their spirits too were weak, as they – like all other Selkies – grieved at the bleak news bulletins concerning the condition of their Queen.

The other paramedic Selkies were up in the Royal chamber, along with Selkie wizards, astrologers, even dieticians. The Royal Chamber was crammed with all manner of professional Selkies, each espousing opinions whilst the Queen lay in her beautiful human form, growing paler with ever second that passed. Eventually, with heavy hearts, the attendant Selkies all agreed that the Queen could only be cured if her Royal seal skin coat could be found. 


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