Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Bus That Flew To The Moon

Once there was a little girl,
Bláithín was her name,
She'd get the bus into school,
Then get it home again.

One day she sat apon the bus
Thinking of her books and toys,
When the bus's windscreen wipers
Made a very strange noise.

You see, those mischievous wipers
Were not content with their lot,
Wiping windows was boring,
'We'd rather go flying' they thought.

It just so happened on that day
The rain was beating down awful mean,
And with every drop the wipers thought
We've got to quit this crazy scene.
The bus was on the Rahoon road,
Heading towards Westside,
When the wipers suddenly gave a squeal
So loud and full of pride.

The bus lurched once, then a bump
Was followed by gasps eveywhere,
As the driver shouted 'Hold on tight!'
And the bus lept into the air.

'Look there' cried Bláithín pointing,
'Galway city has shrunk so small!'
Then the bus flew so high
The city could not be seen at all.

Planet Earth soon was left behind
As the wipers whizzed fast
And passengers stared amazed
As satelites flew past.

The bus zoomed by fiery comets
And tinsel stars so bright,
Till all too soon the yellow moon
Came looming into sight.

Then twenty feet from the moon,
the wipers gave a groan,
They could sweep to and fro no more
so wearisome they'd become.

Then a passenger from the Claddagh
(Who sailed a boat in Galway bay)
Pulled an anchor from his coat saying
'I knew this would be handy one day.'

Just as the wipers wheezed once
And shuddered to a stop,
The anchor was hurled at the moon
Were it landed with a plop!

Everyone slid down the anchor's line
Into a sea of creamy cheese,
Which they swam whilst nibbling bits
And feeling rather pleased.

Then on to an island they clambered
(Of harder cheese it was made),
And every one ate their fill
Then down they all laid.

But as they slept, out crept,
From the island's many holes,
Horrible slabbering beasts that looked
Like giant purple moles.

The moon monsters went Argh!
The bus passengers went eek!
But Bláithín just scratched her chin
And then began to speak.

'Argh argh urgle' she said,
Which translates thus:
'We'll stop eating your home
If you let us go back to our bus.'

Whilst the monsters scratched their heads,
The passengers tippytoed away,
Back to the cheesy shore and then
Swam off - oh so quietly.

Back to the anchor and up the line
And into the bus they leapt;
The driver cut the rope
And wheeee down the bus went.

The bus landed safely in Westside
At Bláithín's very stop,
And into school she went
with a whistle, skip and hop.
'You're late,' cried everyone,
'Where on earth have you been?'
Bláithín explained about the flying bus
And all the wonders that she'd seen.

But even though she told the truth
No one believed a word she said,
So Bláithín just smile wickedly
And shouted 'Urgle Argh Urgle!' instead.

At which ten terrible moon monsters
jumped out from behind a rock,
and ate up the entire school
which was really quite a shock.

And the moral of this tale
is very simple and very true:
don't disbelieve little girls lest
they set giant monsters on you!

Copyright © 2011 Rab Swannock Fulton
All Rights Reserved
Images © 2011 Marina Wild

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