Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sandy and the Unicorn. Part Four

Part Four. The Unicorn’s choice

The light grew so strong and dazzling that it woke up the Bad Kings and their Knights. One of the Knights shouted, “Look it’s the unicorn”. There was a great commotion as the Bad Kings and their Knights all grabbed their swords and helmets and battle-axes. They were in such a hurry however that they forgot to change out of their pyjamas.

The warriors ran to the kitchen. They were all running fast, each hoping that he would be the one to capture the Unicorn. But there was so many of them and their swords, battle-axes and helmets were so big that they got stuck within the frame of the back door. Other Knights were running so fast they slammed into the backs of those who were jammed in the doorway. The pile grew bigger and bigger and until with a loud POP! Kings and Knights flew out the door. They landed with a thud and a clang on the ground before the Unicorn.

The Bad Kings and Knights were so amazed at the Unicorn that they just sat on the ground staring up at it. “It must be in love,” whispered a Knight who had a big yellow beard and baggy pink pyjamas, “that’s why its horn is glowing so.” One Bad King declared, “It has come for me! It has chosen me as its true love!” But the other Bad King shouted, “No! It has come to give all its love and magic to me.”

The Unicorn lowered its head, and the sharp glowing point of its horn was aimed at the bad Kings. It snorted a loud angry snort, and both Kings began to quake with fear. Then the Unicorn proudly raised its head, and walked around the heap of shaking Knights and Kings. The Unicorn trotted right up to where Sandy and the queen stood at the back door of the kitchen. Then it stopped and bent its knees a little and began nuzzling Sandy’s ear.

The Queen looked at Sandy in wonder and said. “The Unicorn has chosen Sandy, my brave little kitchen worker, as its companion.” As she spoke the light from the Unicorn spilled on to Sandy and filled him up so that he glowed like a beacon. The Unicorn was giving its magic and love to the one person who had been a true friend.

The bad Kings and Knights stood up and bowed before Sandy. Sandy did not know what to do or to say. The great tall warriors began placing their swords, battle-axes and helmets at his feet. “Command us” the two Kings spoke in unison. The little boy looked at the Unicorn. It nuzzled him some more. He looked to the queen, who shrugged, and said, “Don’t ask me Sandy, I have never understood men.”

Sandy looked at the Kings and Knights. Then he declared in a fine noble voice. “I command thee to take thy helmets, swords and battle-axes and melt them down. They should be turned into pots and pans and lanterns and given to the poor of the country.” The warriors all cheered and vowed it would be so.

And to this day, no one in the realm of the wise Queen goes without kitchen utensils or light. As for Sandy, he and the Unicorn went back to his family home and had a lovely holiday. But once they were good and rested, Sandy and the Unicorn gathered together food and clothing and set off for the first of many wondrous adventures.

The End (maybe…)

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