Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sandy and the Unicorn. Part Three

Part Three: The Magical Helper

Sandy heaved the cauldron onto a trolley and shoved it along to the banqueting Hall. He bowed lowed, and declared, “Here be the first course for all you majesties” As he ran back to the kitchen, Sandy could hear the soup being eaten with many a satisfied slurp and the occasional burps and belches of appreciation.

All night long, food magically appeared on the doorstep at the back of the kitchen. Sandy still had to work very hard though. He had to wash and dry dirty dishes; boil up coffee and tea; hunt around for white bread to wipe up gravy; and clean up food and drink spilled by the Kings and their Knights.

Sandy was tired. He was also scared. He had heard the Bad Kings say terrible things as he served them their food. One bad King said, “Queen, I hear there is a unicorn living in you woods. If you do not let my army go and search for it I will make war against you and all your people”. And the other bad King said. “No. Queen, the unicorn must be mine. If you let his army in I will make war against you and all your people”.

Later when Sandy brought in dessert he saw that things had went from bad to worse. The two bad Kings glowered at the Queen. Then they glowered at each other. Then all the Knights of one bad King glowered at the other King’s Knights, who glowered right back at them. One Knight even stuck out his tongue and made a very rude face. Another Knight threw a half eaten potato at him.

Just as a terrible battle was about to break out, Sandy called out; “Here be pudding” and brought in the huge strawberry sponge cake. The Kings and Knights grabbed chunks of the cake with their big iron clad hands and began munching. It is an ancient truth, that even the scariest and wickedest of warriors prefer eating sweet things to chopping off heads.

Hours later the Kings and their Knights were finally full. The Queen made up beds for them all to rest on. Sandy, meanwhile, began cleaning up the big banqueting hall. The Queen came back as Sandy was mopping up the floor. “Thank you for your very noble help”, she said. “I was afraid that the Kings would start fighting this very evening. Instead they are all sleeping off that very fine meal. Now we have time to go tell all the people of the country to hide before any fighting begins in the morning. 
“But before we send out a proclamation,” said the Queen, “there is one more thing to do.” She raised a hand and gestured round the hall. “By way of thanks,” she said to Sandy, “I would like you to take any lantern here as a gift”. Sandy looked at all the lovely lanterns with candles glowing behind the jewels and coloured glass. Then he pointed at the window and said, “Can I have that light?” The queen looked and saw a light outside, glowing steadily brighter.

The queen grabbed Sandy’s hand and ran down to the kitchen. She opened the back door and there stood the Unicorn. It was a wonderful looking creature: silvery white in colour, with a sprinkle of gold dust in its mane and its tail. Most impressive of all was the horn that rose from its forehead. It was six feet long and tapered to a needle sharp point. It was from this point that a light was beaming out.


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